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I believe in managing the metrics that matter, KPI's to motivate and empower Managers.

  • Direct Cost

    Understanding your most important asset: People
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    Understanding what you spend your money on.
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    Being aware of what it takes to support your business

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Experienced in Saas applications like Netsuite & Salesforce, long term strategy, target account sales, cash management, boot-strapped startups, team building, acquisition integration, corporate culture, employee engagement, and much more!

In business and life there is “always a better way.”  I firmly believe in the concept of constantly trying to get better.  The world is changing quickly and those that do not adapt will be left behind.  There are always ways to innovate and make successful old processes better by implementing new technologies, philosophies, or research.  Pushing yourself to question why something seems hard is the foundation of success and staying relevant in a fast paced world.  Today’s success does not guarantee tomorrow's promises.




"There are tons of books on leadership, sales, marketing and business. I am not sure how many of them Michael has read. However, I do know one thing. Michael could write a book on the business fundamentals that lead to success. They are... do your research, make a commitment to execute, set clear expectations for your team and hold everyone accountable. Repeat. It seems simple, but I have met very few business owners who have come close to mastering the basics to the level of Michael. And as a result, Michael has achieved greater success then most. If you can get on his calendar, it would be worth a few minutes to learn how he makes it happen."

CJ McClanahan

Business Keynote Speaker, Sales and Leadership Coach
“I like being treated with respect and given excellent customer service by knowledgeable technicians. I’m in the business of customer service and my guests rely on me to provide this on a consistent basis. Michael's company allows me to do just that and gives me that same great service in return. Thanks Michael Crafton!"

Scotty Wise


Rob Chinsky

Owner, Penn Station East Coast Subs
Michael is one of the most proactive professionals I work with. He is always finding ways to improve our Fire Safety services. He has allowed me to manage multiple locations with just one contact. He continues to get better every day.”
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