Building Team Culture: Make Teamwork Part of Your Routine

Typically Thanksgiving launches us into the holiday season, with its parties, family gatherings, and celebrations. For Team 360, every month is team culture month.

Depending on your experience with team building and team culture, you may read those words and immediately dismiss them as management speak or buzzwords. But at Team 360, we believe in the importance of the team wholeheartedly, which is why we live and breathe team culture.

But whether you want to make your employees more productive, happier, or just better employees all around, fostering a team culture is essential. Here are a few ways that we encourage and grow our team culture at Team 360.

Start at the Top

If you’re at the top of your company, and especially if you built the company from the ground up, it can be easy to think that while teamwork is important for your employees, it’s not relevant to you. But you’re wrong. Just like anything else in the workplace, a great team culture has to start at the top. If management isn’t constantly demonstrating the importance of teamwork and working on teams themselves, then it will be easy for it to fall by the wayside. At Team 360, the importance of the entire team is emphasized in every position, from our office managers to our trained technicians.

Real Responsibilities, Real Results

For a team-based culture to really take root, there has to be more than talk. When you want employees to work successfully as a team, you have to make sure they know their team has real responsibilities. At Team 360, we make a point to hire the employees that we believe will fit best within our team. While a substantial resume is nice, it’s personality and work ethic that are really important during our hiring process. Coupled with our thorough training process, this means that teams within our company can function largely autonomously, getting tasks accomplished and creating a positive feedback loop that continues to enforce the idea of teamwork.

Reward Contributions to Team Culture

To build a sustainable team culture, you need to make sure employees know how important it is to you. That means rewarding employees that embody the team culture you want. A reward could be something as big as a promotion or something as simple as tickets to a baseball game. At Team 360, we’re also in the process of instituting a “Kudos” program that allows employees to recognize their teammate’s hard work in real-time. With positive encouragement from both management and teammates, your team culture is sure to thrive.

Developing a strong team culture is no easy task and there is no simple way to do it. At Team 360 we work hard to maintain our culture of camaraderie and teamwork and are constantly looking for new ways to do that. Like so many things in business and in life, a team culture is a journey and not a destination. We will continue to strive for the perfect team, that supports one another and has fun while also providing excellent service.

LikeBuilding Team Culture: Make Teamwork Part of Your Routine