Empowering Team 360 Employees Leads to Excellence

Successful businesses start with successful people. Cultivating a creative, hard working, and happy culture is not easy but is critical to growing a sustainable business. It takes years to master and it is a full-time job: 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But we know it’s worth the effort.

Getting the most out of your people is important when asking them to perform seemingly impossible tasks. It is important that you develop from within and empower each employee to do something that makes themselves and the company better. You have to remind the team to never get comfortable and never settle. Just when you think everything is going great, BAM, something can set you back, but you must push on. It is the constant hunger to get better that fuels sustainable growth. We encourage our people to always get better and try things that might seem a little crazy. Some ideas won’t stick, but the ones that do can end up changing the way we do business forever. It is innovative, risk-taking companies that change the world. We truly believe that each one of our employees has the ability to change the industry for the better and change the way our customers think about Fire Protection.

Team 360 has always lived by the “Employees First, Customers Second” mentality. We believe that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers. We are constantly reminding each employee how important they are to the overall success of Team 360. We believe that when we empower people, great things can happen. Our goal is to develop, encourage, and cultivate creativity within our team. This mindset allows us to continually innovate our processes by focusing on the rapidly changing needs of the fire protection market. Our team members truly care about the service we provide. It is simple: if our people are happy then our customers will be happier!

Something special is happening at Team 360. I’d have to say that there is a definite positive energy flowing through the walls. Life at Team 360 is a lot of fun these days. I have noticed that there are free flowing ideas and progressive risks being taken to make the employee experience better every day. When I look around and try to pinpoint why I realize it’s not any one thing. It’s a bunch of smart people with great ideas and a genuine desire to take care of the people that take care of our customers.

I am often asked “what is your secret?” but to be honest it is really no secret at all. You have to be being honest, transparent, and always be trying to improve processes. It is why we were honored as one of Indiana’s top place to work by the Indianapolis Star two years in a row!

What are some exciting things happening within our walls? Here are a few examples:

Every day, we’re working on progressive ways to keep our technician employees engaged.
We are rolling out a “Kudos” program that allows employees to recognize their teammates’ hard work in real time. “Kudos” are factored into reviews, bonuses, contests, and banquets. Each employee can monitor their “Kudos” and give them out with a simple press of an icon on their mobile phone. Hearing you are doing a good job from your peers is sometimes just as good, if not better, than hearing it from your manager.
We are pioneering a ground-breaking job grading system. Each completed job across all of our service lines is given a letter grade of A,B,C,D or F. Grades are based on many factors such as picture quality, proper clocking in and out of jobs, deficiency identification, paperwork completion, and more. Grades are averaged and posted weekly to constantly give feedback. These report cards help us continually develop the skills of each technician. When we identify significant strengths in a specific person, we empower them to train underperforming technicians in order to increase the overall quality score of the team.
We implemented the coveted “Ring of Fire” program that recognizes the “Perfect Service”. Technicians that earn the Ring of Fire designation for a specific job are recognized for a combination of factors. A “Ring of Fire” is rare and only given out on average 1 in 750 completed cleanings.
We are providing safe driving scores based on real-time data from our GPS system. Each driver at Team 360 is ranked on speed, hard brakes, rapid acceleration, seat belt usage, hard turns, idling, and more. Bonuses are awarded for consistency. Safe driver scores have fostered a healthy competition for “supreme safety!”
By keeping our technicians engaged we are able to keep our customers fire safe. You can feel the difference when around our people. It is the sincere desire to provide great service.

We only hire talented, dedicated, and hard working people. We put a big emphasis on personality and work ethic. Experience is not the deciding factor when evaluating a candidate. We want to work with people like us. We affectionately say that “this is the last job you could ever have” because we mean it.
Regular onboarding of new employees means constant training. When a new employee is being trained it refreshes best practices among trainers and re-enforces the basics. “Blocking and Tackling” are important steps in becoming the best. If you keep to the basics you can succeed at any task. We also challenge new employees in training to identify something they can improve in our award winning processes. This creates a lot of positive energy and makes us want to train new people.
We stick together. Team 360 is constantly bringing the team together for company outings and events. Upper management uses this opportunity to hear what people really think about their job. Getting out of the typical work environment fosters more honest feedback in a more relaxed setting. We do regular cookouts, Family Night at Indians games, bowling parties, president clubs trips for top performers, and a “Ring of Fire “ banquet to honor remarkable achievements throughout the year.
When all else fails, treats and baked goods brought in by team members make the office a sweeter place. We find that shared food (nachos most recently), solves a lot of problems!
Whether it’s the cookouts, trips to baseball games, or our groundbreaking “Kudos” and job grading programs, we’re having a lot of fun at work these days and it all starts with our amazing team. Of course, we’re also getting a lot done and keeping people safe!

Remember your culture starts from the top down. Always encourage creativity and always show appreciation for your people and they will reward you and your customers with excellent service.