(4) Critical Communication Skills

In my opinion, there are (4) business communication skills that are critical to being successful:

1. Listen – “Shut Up and Listen” Be able to listen effectively. The golden rule is talk less and listen more. It is important that you listen to the needs of your customers and co-workers so you can understand how to solve a need they have.

2. Be Observant – “Court Vision” Pay attention to their body language and what is in their environment. Be able to react to how they are acting. Notice what is around them and pick up on something in their workspace. Are they a sports fan, do they have an award on the wall, are there pictures of their family on the desk. Pick something to connect with them. Mention one of those things while communicating with them to put them at ease.

3. Set Proper Expectations – “Under Promise and Over Deliver” Make sure you clearly set the expectation of your meeting and of the solution that comes from the meeting. Do not promise something that is impossible to deliver. It is ok to be creative but if you say you will do something, DO IT.

4. Be Confident – “Act As If” People buy from and work with people they like and that they believe are confident. If you know your product/service better than anyone else people can tell. Study your craft and be able to confidently project everything you say. Act as if you are the absolute best in the world.

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Epictetus

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