Weaknesses Into Strengths – 5 Ways: Identity, Plan, Hire, Communicate, Mentor

As we develop our teams, it is imperative that we identify weakness and turn them into strengths. The goal is to face those weakness head on to build rockstar team members. We are all human and have the enate ability to get better.

5 Ways To Overcome Weakness

Identify and Acknowledge

It is important that leaders have awareness. Awareness about your team, knowledge about your customers but most importantly, awareness about yourself. We all know what we are not great at, so if you can identify what those gaps are within yourself and your team, then you can start to move forward and plan accordingly.


If you know you are not the best public speaker and you have to present in front of a large audience, what would you do? You should plan your speech well in advance, rehearse it, make notecards, overcompensate in areas that are your strengths. Face the weakness head-on by getting ahead of it. Preparation is critical and always will be.


A fundamental part of being a Leader or Senior Manager is hiring. Identifying talent that can adapt to the type of environment and culture your company or team has is crucial. However, what if you also started to think about hiring people around the weakness(es) that you or your organization possess? For example, if you have identified a weakness surrounding vertical you want to be in, you should aim to hire someone that is currently in that trade. They will be able to spearhead tasks related to the industry you are not familiar with and fill that gap.


Communication skills are essential in all aspects of management for Senior leaders. Without proper communication, relationships can suffer, and businesses can face setbacks. Be open and honest so that your team respects its vulnerability. Talk about strengths and weaknesses to create awareness.

Identify a Mentor

Everyone needs a Mentor. As I said earlier, we as humans are not perfect, and your weakness may be someone else’s strength. Be a mentor and find a mentor for yourself. Stay open-minded and learn. Learn how to make small changes that can positively impact you and your team’s identified weakness, and over time they will undoubtedly become strengths.